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Green Tea History and Its Benefits 0
Green Tea History and Its Benefits

Green Tea History and Its Benefits

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make other teas. Green tea invented in China, but its production and manufacture has spread to many other countries.

When Green Tea Invented?

One famous legend put across that Shennong, King of China and supposed inventor of Chinese medicine, discovered tea as a beverage around 2737 BC when fresh tea leaves from a close tea tree fell into his cup of just boiled water.

 Why it is called Green Tea?

It is named 'green' because it has been dried without fermenting so there is nominal oxidation during processing. It is made from the leaf Camellia Sinensis. Green tea, unlike black tea, is slightly oxidized, so that’s why it's called green tea. Do not forget that tea leaves are a plant and have nutrients.


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Probiotics Needed for Healthy, Attentive and Focused Brain Functions 0
Probiotics Needed for Healthy, Attentive and Focused Brain Functions

Probiotics Needed for Healthy, Attentive and Focused Brain Functions

The brain is in charge of regulating each and every complex mechanism in the human body. It is one of the most essential parts of the body and controls all actions of a person. Brain stores a lot of information like images, concepts, texts and more than a person learns and experiences. It is truly an amazing part of the body.

Whether a person is conscious or unconscious, asleep or awake, the brain continues its functioning. This means the brain needs more energy to keep functioning properly. It needs to consume about 20% of a person’s daily intake. Its half of energy is used to send the neurological signals to the whole body.

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Tackling Diabetes the Natural Way! 3
Tackling Diabetes the Natural Way!

Tackling Diabetes the Natural Way!

A disease is as a life-changing and life threatening condition. People can be born with it or develop it in course of time. Diseases can change the way a person spends his/her life.  One such disease which affects humans is diabetes.

What is Diabetes? 

It is a condition that results in high blood sugar level in the body. There are two types of diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1 diabetes, the body is unable to produce a substance called insulin which regulated the blood sugar level. In Type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin, however not in adequate quantities so as to keep the blood sugar level in check.

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Brewing cups of morning sunshine…The organic way 0
Brewing cups of morning sunshine…The organic way

Some tread the tested paths to survive, but only a few create their own paths to win. Who would have otherwise imagined that a little boy from a remote village in Assam, after losing his father at the age of 6, would grow up to turn his humble ancestral farms into a major revenue earning source, winning global accolades!

Meet Tenzing Bodosa, a young and vibrant organic farmer and entrepreneur, whose two organic tea gardens at the Kachibari village in the Udalguri district of Assam generate a yearly turnover of Rs. 60-70 lakhs. Deemed as Assam’s first organic tea farmer, Tenzing’s lush green property has also been crowned as the world’s first elephant-friendly farms due to the unrestricted movement of these large mammals in the tea gardens in giant herds of 70-80. It might sound like an irony that respect and maintenance of nature’s balance is his enterprising mantra. But once you learn his story, you will be convinced that this young entrepreneur is a sure shot winner in raising a perfect balance between his own ambitions and nature’s poise. As he says, “If you respect nature, nature will respect you.”


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Brew Watch - India’s tea and coffee stories for the globe in 2017 !!! 1
Brew Watch - India’s tea and coffee stories for the globe in 2017 !!!

Brew Watch - India’s tea and coffee stories for the globe in 2017

 Apart from the festive season, India has a new reason to brew up an extra cup of sparkling tea or coffee. Yes, it’s time to make a toast to success. The nation has managed to earn extra foreign revenues by pushing its tea and coffee exports up from the previous year. While the outbound tea shipments have gone up by 6.7% during January-October 2017, the coffee exports have been spurred by 8.08% in January-November in the same year.

Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter of coffee after Vietnam and Indonesia, India surged its coffee exports from 3.34 lakh tonnes during January-November in 2016 to 3.61 lakh tonnes during the same period in 2017. Whereas, the total exports of the Indian tea touched 189.68 million kilograms as compared to 178 million kilograms during the same period in 2016, thus leading to a rise in the value from Rs. 3,553.19 crore in 2016 to Rs. 3,724.34 crore in 2017.However, the unit price per kilogram of tea had shot down to Rs. 196.35 in 2017 from Rs. 199.62 in 2016.


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Food or medicine – which is better for your overall well-being !!!! 0
Food or medicine – which is better for your overall well-being !!!!

Food or medicine – which is better for your overall well-being


Most people are under the impression that their health issues will reduce or even disappear by taking medicines, as they’re prescribed by doctors. There are many people who take medication not just for serious problems, but also for common cold and fever! However, not many know that the benefit medicines provide is mostly temporary. If you want to recover from health problems, the most important thing is leading a healthy lifestyle. Your grandmother would have insisted you drink a cup of cinnamon tea for clearing a runny nose or hot lemon tea for an upset tummy. Why? Because she knows that having tea, herbs and other food with medicinal properties will do you more good, than gulping down two spoons of distasteful syrup and falling into deep sleep.  

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Tea, Sugar & Books 0
Tea, Sugar & Books

Steep a Sweet Cup of Tea, Shall We?

India’s unwavering love of tea is unquestionable. And why not! But then what’s tea without sugar, right? Tea had started out as a fad of the British nobility. But unlike any other fad, it didn’t fade into oblivion thanks to another favorite snack of the upper classes: sugar. It was expensive and also relatively rare, which made it perfect for the consumption of status-conscious elites. As time passed and with it came the industrial revolution, tea and sugar became more of a common man’s drink providing easy source of calories to the working class.

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Radhika’s Fine Teas – For the Indians Who Love Tea 0
Radhika’s Fine Teas – For the Indians Who Love Tea

Radhika’s Fine Teas – For the Indians Who Love Tea

Tea is an item of food that many people in India and even out of India just cannot do without. Our day won’t get off to a good start without a freshly brewed hot cup of tea. One cup a day isn’t enough either. Many of us need it 3 times a day – the morning cup to knock off the sleep, the evening cup to push us further through the day and a cup before bed for a good night’s sleep. Radhika Batra Shah is just another tea enthusiast in the world who took her love and know-how of the beverage and turned into a phenomenal business.

About Radhika’s Fine Teas & Whatnots

Her company, Radhika’s Fine Teas & Whatnots has come a long way since its inception in 2006 to make a mark in the Indian tea industry. Loved by many Indian households today, her tea comes in a range of varieties sourced from around the globe, from India to China to as far as Greece. She is often found cruising the world with a quest for the finest teas to cater to the taste buds of her consumers.

Radhika’s Fine Teas sources from some of the best tea estates and boasts of being entirely organic which means the tea is far away from fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. The company follows stringent rules when it comes to quality checks and ensures that the tea packages that reach you are a perfect blend. This of course happens only after Radhika and her tea testers have tasted it themselves and indubitably agree that their consumers would love it.


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Inner Being Wellness 2
Inner Being Wellness

Inner Being Wellness

Based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, Inner Being Wellness Pvt. Ltd, a company that manufactures nutrition, beauty and wellness products was started in the year 2012. Recently Inner Being awarded as innovative food and nutrition company at the Panacea all Natural Excellence awards at Mumbai. The well-being of a person’s inner self is the aim of this company. What we are externally is based on what’s going on inside of us. This company believes in the unique spirit that makes each individual different and their products are manufactured with the aim of nourishing one's inner self to bring out the radiance of each person. Nutritional disorders are on the rise in most of the developing nations. Stress, unhealthy food habits and lack of physical activities have resulted in many of the people suffering from health disorders. Products of Inner Being Wellness improve circulation, increases metabolism and other functions of a person’s body.



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Coconut Sugar – An amazing alternative to regular sugar 0
Coconut Sugar – An amazing alternative to regular sugar

Coconut sugar – an amazing alternative to regular sugar

 Are you a fitness freak? Looking for a substitute for table sugar for your cheat meal? While there are many artificial sweeteners available in the market, coconut sugar would be a natural and a healthier choice. Organic coconut sugar is made from the flower buds of selected healthy coconut palms in tropical regions. It tastes like brown sugar, with a hint of caramel. The color would depend on many factors, including the type of coconut palms used for harvest, the season when the saps were harvested, and the region where they’re harvested.

 The process of manufacturing coconut sugar

Most companies hire local farmers for collecting pure sap from the coconut palms grown in their own farms. The farmer makes a slit in the coconut flower bud, allowing the nectar to pour out into bamboo containers. Once the cups are full, they are replaced with new ones to collect more sap. The collected sap is filtered over a fine cloth in order to remove any impurities. The sap is then cooked on low flame, till the moisture content reduces. It is then removed from the flame, and stirred until it thickens. The mixture is sometimes stirred for hours for better consistency. Once the water evaporates, it turns into granulated sugar. It is then sifted, and sent to the packaging center. The coconut sugar is then dried, packaged and sealed.

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Samahan - Tea Of Herbal Elixir and Health 4
Samahan - Tea Of Herbal Elixir and Health

Samahan Tea - Of Herbal Elixir and Health

A lot can happen over a cup of herbal tea. It can rejuvenate a tired mind, invigorate the jaded senses, and flush out toxins from the body. The goodness of ancient Ayurveda comes wrapped in a modern pack with Samahan Tea. A perfect blend of 14 medicinal herbs, Samahan Tea is a health elixir developed over years of research by Link Natural Products.

Dr. Devapriya Nugawela, the Chairman and Managing Director of Link Natural Products, brainstormed with a team of Veda Mahattyas along with the company’s research scientists to formulate a health-booster concoction in 1995. Samahan Tea became a favorite among the consumers ever since it’d first hit the market.

With dreams in his eyes of building an establishment for manufacturing quintessential herbal health, wellness, and personal care products, Dr. Devapriya Nugawela roped in his friends, the late Siripala Jayasinghe and W.M.M. Jayawardene to lay the foundation of Link Natural Products in 1982.

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Susmita Das Gupta – A celebrated global tea artist 2
Susmita Das Gupta – A celebrated global tea artist

Susmita Das Gupta is one of the finest tea masters in the country. She is the founder of ‘It’s Our Cuppa Tea’, a hugely popular tea appreciation group based in Bangalore. She is also the first to organize a tea festival in India. Her work has been regularly featured in Bangalore Mirror, Economic Times, Deccan Chronicle and other newspapers. Susmita calls herself a ‘tea artist’ because she finds brewing tea artistic, and extremely therapeutic.

Creating the perfect blend

Growing up in a family of tea connoisseurs in Kolkata gave Susmita access to a wide variety of tea brands. As a young child, she used to accompany her father to local tea stores, which helped her develop a keen interest in finding the right ingredients to brew the perfect cup of tea. As creating the perfect blend requires research, skill and practice, Susmita used her free time over the years to create aromatic yet healthy tea blends. Using freshly plucked tea leaves from local tea estates, and other natural ingredients like lemon, aromatic spices and herbs, Susmita has years of experience in crafting an assortment of unique tea flavors, without using any additives or preservatives. She regularly travels across the country to explore innovative ways to create flavorsome gourmet teas.

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‘Where there’s tea, there’s hope’ said Arthur Wing Pinero. Tea is a drink most consumed after water. Current trends have brought various tea blends without the use of tea plants.

Areca Palm (Areca Catechu) has been an indispensable part of the South East Asian culture stretching up to the pacific. Grown for its commercial importance, its seed crop Areca Nut is well known for its health benefits.

A thought of revolutionizing the very way of consuming Areca made Mr. Nivedan Nempe innovate a potion which took the tea lovers world by a storm, Areca Tea.

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Eat Healthy and Be Healthy with Granoss !!! 1
Eat Healthy and Be Healthy with Granoss !!!

Today, it doesn’t matter who can eat the most; what matters is who eats the healthiest foods. Fried Foods and Carbonated Drinks have begun to be shunned in favour of healthier alternatives. Rice and wheat may be our staple foods but they aren’t very healthy. In the search for a healthier alternative, millet has emerged as a front runner. If you’re looking for healthy foods, Granoss is a brand you must know about. 

Granoss has a global presence in the health food sector and offers a range of 39 products. Many of these products are millet based. From millet roti flour to millet dosa mix, Granoss offers a range of easy to cook millet products. The brand was established by Diabetic Food International to introduce millet to people’s daily diet. In addition to helping people live healthier lives, it also supports millet farmers and farming communities. The company was founded by Mr. Suresh and Mr Pavan Kumar in 2012. It aims at reviving zero chemical millet farming and replacing carbohydrate rich grains with millet, bajra and other such low carbohydrate grains. By doing this they hope to prevent lifestyle diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  One of the ways Granoss is different from other companies is that it benefits both the urban and rural sectors. In India, Granoss has partnered with to promote their products.

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Practical guide to brew better Wild Kaapi's coffee!!!! 1
Practical guide to brew better Wild Kaapi's coffee!!!!

Aeropress, Chemex and Kalita. These aren't video game characters! Your coffee can be ground to suit any method of brewing and the fact that you're on this page means you've missed out on most fun part of coffee. Brewing it. Yourself. 

Seriously, Yourself. Not your Mom. Or the dreary office coffee machine.

Here's a quick guide to different brewing methods you can play around with. 



Apart from being a fairly good looking bunch of people, the Turks make some good coffee. They went so far as to make UNESCO confirm Turkish Coffee as their Cultural Heritage. Yes, they can get serious when it gets to coffee. To make some, you need a Cezve, a pot with a long handle, extra fine ground coffee and hot water. Comes in brass, silver or gold based on your willingness to splurge or on your perceived social status.

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Wild Kaapi , Coffee Loves Wild Life 0
Wild Kaapi , Coffee Loves Wild Life


The Western Ghats of India are among the hottest of global biodiversity hotspots. The region supports high densities of tigers, elephants, leopards and many endemic species.

Wild Kaapi® emerged out of a scientific project measuring biodiversity, studying market dynamics and management actions of more than 1100 farmers in India’s Western Ghats. The coffee landscapes of Karnataka present ideal conditions for promoting wildlife friendly coffee production. 

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Why British prefer Tea to any other beverage 1
Why British prefer Tea to any other beverage

Did you know - The British drink over 165 million cups of tea a day? That would be 60.2 billion cups of tea per year! But when did the love affair with this aromatic beverage begin?

From a wealthy affair to the go-to-drink

Back in the seventeenth century, tea was served to the wealthy, high society people. ‘The afternoon tea’ was considered a social custom for the elite, where people get together and chat over big and small things. They also considered drinking from the saucer highly fashionable, and followed a certain drinking etiquette.


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Warbler Green Tea 0
Warbler Green Tea

Warbler with evolutionary vision in catering to health benefits of our patrons is delighted to present Warbler Green Tea Originating from Assam, the land of Tea. Every sip of their green tea narrates an organic tale of Assam’s unexplored and enchanting Tea gardens nestled in the North-east region of India.

Warbler  Green Tea is sourced from pure organic leaves that are deligently plucked, processed and packaged that beholds that aroma and flavour.

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Coffee at Meenakshi Bhavan ,Shivamogga ,Karnataka INDIA 0
Coffee at Meenakshi Bhavan ,Shivamogga ,Karnataka INDIA

You must try Coffee at Meenakshi Bhavan located at Shivamogga. Shivamogga is a city and the district headquarters of Shivamogga District in the central part of the state of Karnataka, India. The city lies on the banks of the Tunga River. Being the gateway for the hilly region of the Western Ghats, the city is popularly nicknamed as "Gateway of Malnad ".

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Fit-O-Slim Healthy Soft Drink at Basavangudi Club Event Bangalore,India 1
Fit-O-Slim Healthy Soft Drink at Basavangudi Club Event Bangalore,India

If the Emperors of ancient Rome were to come to life today, they would be aghast at the average dinner spread. After all, gone are the days of indulging in wines and cakes without a care in the world. Today, fitness is the hottest buzzword. Everyone may not be a marathon runner but everyone tries to live a fitter life in some way or the other. You try and fit in an hour of exercise into your schedule, you pay more attention to what you eat and drink… In doing this, packaged foods and drinks are often kept to one side. Packaged drinks are typically considered unhealthy but this isn’t necessarily true , Fit-O-Slim has zero calories and can boost your immunity and supports  to be healthy.

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